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Patternway provides high quality Business Process Management (BPM) Services.
  • Software Industry Campaign
    Software Development Organisations

    We work to promote software design quality in software development organisations by providing technical and management support.

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  • Universities Campaign
    University Students and Lecturers

    We aim to promote the quality of software design by calling for and encouraging better software design teaching and practice at colleges and universities.

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  • Schools Campaign
    School Pupils and Teachers

    We aim to promote software design teaching and learning at school levels to support and encourage young creative minds to learn more effectively and develop their talents to create new generation of software technologies.

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Software Design Courses
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Principles of Object Oriented Design
Anti-patterns in software design
Application of Design Principles in OO development
Application of service design patterns in SOA development
Design Principles in Service Orientation Development
Enterprise Application Integration Design Principles
Application of Enterprise Application Integration Patterns