We strive to improve software quality

As software gets more and more complicated in dealing with all aspects of human life, designing and developing high quality software gets harder and more intricate. It is therefore highly important that software developers have the right mindset and training. They require systematic adherence to design principles and guidelines to develop and achieve high quality software. We aim to promote and encourage better quality design through application of design principles and design pattern. In addition to lectures and training courses, We will provide a rich catalogue of resources of all kind (e.g. training, documents, videos, etc.) that enable users, whether individuals, schools, universities or organisations, to improve their knowledge and practical skills in software design and development. 

Software is nowadays an important element of our lives. It influences and touches us in most fundamental ways in our both public and private life. So please join us in our campaign to move forward to achieve our goal of making a difference to the quality of software products. Whether you are a software user, learner, teacher, or practitioner, we would very much appreciate your participation. We are confident that you will find this a worthwhile endeavour. Membership is free.
Dr Ahmad Estabraghy

Dr Ahmad Estabraghy, BetterSoftwareDesign Founder

Dr Ahmad Hajizadeh Estabraghy is a software technology lecturer and consultant. He first began university lectureship and research at Middlesex University in London in the early 1990's teaching computer science and engineering at degree and master's degree levels. At the same time he carried research in the field of software engineering. He has since been working in both academia and industry in the UK and has been involved in the development of pioneering projects such as Business to Business Ecommerce (B2B) in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

In addition to managing bettersoftwaredesign.org, he is the managing director of Patternway®, a company which seeks to leverage the utility and power of software patterns in providing better quality software architecture and solutions in Business Intelligence and Business Process management . In addition to provision of training courses on software patterns, Patternway carries out development projects and provides consultancy services to assist development organisations improve software architecture and design through application of design principles and software patterns.

His fields of interest and expertise are Web-Enterprise Application Integration and Development, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Software Quality, and Design Patterns. His work and interest is in particular focussed on the utility and application of design principles and software patterns in the development of high quality software. Dr Hajizadeh Estabraghy holds a degree, master's degree, and a PhD in computing and software engineering. He lives in London.