Improving Software Design Practice and Teaching in Industry and Educational Institutions

The quality of education and training, delivered by educational establishments and private organisations, play an important role in the improvement of quality in software development projects and products. We believe that there should be more emphasis on the quality of software design by software development organisations which can be achieved through appropriate and sufficient training. The aim should be to develop software that is of high quality design.  In this campaign we aim to promote and encourage better software design quality in software development organisations by providing technical and management support.

Education and training of workforce for organisations that are involved in software development is important in the provision of high quality software. This, in the medium to long term, will be beneficial for the organisations in terms of the costs of extensibility and maintenance of the developed software. continue>>

It is important that the educational establishments (schools, colleges, and universities) consider the software technologies as one of the key subjects to teach and grant it appropriate and relevant importance. At the heart of software development discipline lies pure logic and therefore software development, in addition to being an engineering and practical discipline of its own, it teaches clarity of thought to achieve goals and objectives in projects. Development of such mind strengthening attributes will be not only helpful, but essential to learners in any disciplines. continue>>

Although software development appears to be a field of science and engineering that is advanced enough to be covered at college and university levels, we believe that the prevalence and importance of software design and development is such that its early introduction at school levels will be beneficial. With the current prevalence of mobile apps (Smartphone software applications) for children and teenagers in the form of games, software plays an important role in the life and education of children. Their interest and engagement in such technologies is substantial but we must channel their energy from sole entertainment gained by such Apps to their educational and mental developments.

Colleges and universities are important in providing an initial professional level teaching and training. It is important that software design is given a more complete and thorough coverage within subject modules. We aim to support colleges and universities in providing better service to their students in training them on essential understanding of software design and development. continue>>