Campaign to Improve Schools Computing Curriculum

While software is a relatively young and new technology, its effect and importance in our day-to-day life is unrivalled. It is a matter of both preseent and the future, and as such, it is going to continue playing an important role in shaping our future and the future of the the next generation. It is therefore essential that high quality education in computing and software development should begin at school levels. Children are naturally inquisitive and creative, qualities which need to be properly nurtured and developed. In order to harness and build up on their talent, the delivery of the right type of teaching in the new software technologies is crucially important. In this campaign, we aim to help improve teachng quality of software design and development at school levels by providing assistance and encouragement. We aim to assist pupils, teachers, schools management, local and national governments to improve knowledge and practice of software design and development at school levels.


Pupils, and their education standards in computer science, are at the centre of our endeavour to help improve at all levels. We believe that It is important that all necessary provisions are made to ensure the availability of sufficient resources to help them expand their knowledge and realise their creative potentials. They should have sufficient access to hardware and software resources and essential teaching and learning tools to enable them learn, visualize, test, experiment, design and build simple and sample software applications. We aim to assist pupils in providing online resources in the form of documents, video, games, simulations and animations in order to encourage and interest them in the new software technologies to help the learn more.

National Government and Local Authorities

Both, national and local governments, can play an active role in perusing policies and management structures that support and encourage schools to pay enough attention to computing subjects. They need to monitor schools performance rates in computing on and make available sufficient resources for the schools to include a high quality computing curriculums. We aim to provide support to national governments and local authorities in an continuous effort to improve computing teaching standards and schools computing curriculum.

Schools Administration and Management

Schools management and administration teams should ensure that the quality of the teaching delivered is within the schools improved targets and that the provided software and hardware resources meet the curriculums' objectives. Furthermore, the environment in which the teaching is carried out should be suitable and comfortable for both pupils and staff.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff should receive sufficient training (up to level required for their classes) in software design. At the heart of their teaching should be the stimulation of children's creativity and individual talents. Teachers should be trained to reward and encourage beauty and aesthetics in software design as well as functional qualities should be rewarded and encouraged.


The computing science curriculum (ICT replacement) should emphasize software design where various aspects of software design, up to a level suitable for the recipients, are sufficiently covered in practical terms. There should be sufficient emphasis and coverage of practical and creative aspect of software design and development.