Campaign to Improve University Computing Courses

Most software developers and engineers get their initial development training at universities. It is therefore essential that the importance of software design is properly taught and emphasized at university courses to provide the necessary skills to students to enable them fully understand and experience the elements and process of software design and development. Such training can be fundamental to the way students will implement appropriate design process at their professional careers to achieve high quality software products. We aim to promote the quality of software design by calling for better software design teaching and practices at colleges and universities.

Course Syllabus

The syllabuse for software engineering courses, or theirs equivalent, should contain software design topics where various aspects of software design and development process up to a level suitable for the course and the students are covered. There should be emphasis on quality rather than quantity in practical projects where students work on software design and development projects.Group projects should be more encouraged and the importance of collaboration in software development project are sufficiently emphasised.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff should receive sufficient training (up to level required for their classes) in practical software design and development. At the heart of their teaching targets and plans should be the stimulation and encouragement of students' creativity potentials and the improvement and nourishment of their individual talents. The beauty and aesthetics in software design as well as their functional qualities should be rewarded and encouraged.


Students should have enough hardware and software as well as other experimental teaching tools to enable them to learn, visualize, test, experiment and build software applications.They should receive sufficient level of supervision and support in completing their development projects to a high quality.

University Administration

Universities should ensure that the quality of the teaching delivered is within the university's targets and that they provided sufficient resources to meet the their objectives. Furthermore, the environment in which the teaching is carried out should be suitable and comfortable for both students and staff.